Tofutaki Noodle (200gr)

Tofutaki Noodle (200gr)

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Tofutaki noodle is made from konjac potato and non-GMO tofu. Since it has quite low calorie content, it’s the best alternative to any noodles like spaghetti. 

It’s slightly thicker than Shiratai noodle and is the ultimate healthy noodle with the additional nutrition of non-GMO tofu. 

Package: 200g vacum bag.

Expiration: 3 months from manufactured date.

NUTRITION PROFILE - Calorie/pack: 9


  1. Boil for 3 minutes in slightly salted water
  2. Swap out the spaghetti or other high carb noodles in your favorite dishes. 
  • Made in Vietnam. Japanese technology 
  • Vegan. No animal by-products.