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Stainless steel straw set

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Have more fun without the plastic! Bring your own sleek stainless steel straw! Cools your drink as you sip- ahh. (Makes a great gift, too!).Turn heads at festivals, carnivals, camping, neighborhood hang outs, or just sipping in the back yard. Plastic straws may be fun, but are such a waste!

+ 1 handmade bag, 2 normal straw, 1 brush.
+ 1 handmade bag, 2 bent straw, 1 brush.
+ 2 handmade bag, 2 normal straw, 2 bent straw, 2 brush

Every minute, one garbage truck worth of plastic is dumped into the ocean. 

By 2050, this could mean more plastic than fish in the world’s ocean. Join the Zerowaste movement with HOC!
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