Soapberries washing nuts [PD246] en House of Chay
Soapberries washing nuts [PD246] en House of Chay
Soapberries washing nuts [PD246] en House of Chay

House of Chay

Soapberries washing nuts [PD246]

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Similarly to a lychee, these fruit are picked and dried in the sun, before the seed is removed. They are grown in Vietnam without the use of chemical sprays, it smells a waft of cinnamon and grapefruit peel.

  • They’re great for sensitive skin!
    Soapberries are the most gentle and hypoallergenic way you can clean your clothes. They don’t contain any artificial fragrances and don’t leave residue on fabric that can irritate skin. Because of this, you can even save water and skip the rinse cycle! They are ideal for anyone with very sensitive skin, making them perfect for babies and children.

  • They whiten your clothes and remove stains!
    Soapberries are completely free from chemical brighteners that make your whites appear whiter. As Soapberries do not contain optical brighteners, they will not give the same chemically white appearance. To mimic this effect naturally, add some washing soda or lemon juice to your load. Soapberries will remove everyday dirt and grime, however you can use the berries to create a potent stain removing liquid. All you need to do is boil them!

  • They are completely safe to use!
    Soapberries are highly concentrated, contain both antibacterial and antifungal properties and are completely natural! As this is the case, Soapberries are biodegradable and safe for compost, septic and grey water.

  • They are long lasting and multi functional!
    Soapberries are fantastic because you can use them in your kitchen and bathroom too! Simply boil the berries to create a liquid. Strain this liquid and put into a spray bottle for use around the home! You can even add eucalyptus or tea tree oil for more potency. Soapberries also last significantly longer than mainstream laundry detergents.

Ingredient: dry soapberry with seeds removed. 

Packaging: bag 1kg.

How to use: 

  • Soak soapberries in water , then boil and turn the flame low in 45 minutes. 150gram soapberries with 1L water.
  • Can be kept at room temperature for 7-10 days for refrigerated for 15-20 days.


Use 80-100ml soapberries water for 5-7kg clothes. You should soak clothes into soapberries water in 10 minutes before laundry with low water level. 


Dilute 10ml soapberries water with 200ml water to wash dishes and then rinse by clean water.

Storage: Keep in dry place place, avoid water.

Made in Vietnam.

Vegan. Not tested on animal. No animal by-product. 

House of Chay guarantee your 100% satisfaction or your money back!