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Sawleaf 0,1 kg

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Sawleaf is wonderful when used in all kinds of dishes and is well known in the Caribbean including Puerto Rico, Asia, Latin America, the West Indies, and is becoming very popular in England, Canada, and the US. And Sawleaf is becoming a hit all over the world with cultivation being expanded to just about everywhere. It’s also found in Hawaii, Mexico, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma and many other areas… you might want to try it.

Sawleaf makes a wonderful tea for colds, flues, and for settling down your upset stomach. Also it works well for relieving stomach aches and vomiting… and helps to calm the mind/body.

Sawleaf lowers blood sugar levels, probably because of the powerful anti-inflammatory abilities.

Sawleaf is great for getting rid of pain, swelling, and inflammation, and works well for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. It contains large amounts of the plant sterol – “stigma sterol” that works well for inflammation.



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