Pure & Organic Jojoba Oil (50ml)

Pure & Organic Jojoba Oil (50ml)

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Jojoba oil has proven medicinal properties, and special features that are unattainable in any other oil produced from seeds or fruits in the whole of the natural world. 

Because of its special chemical-molecular composition, with its long chain esters, the oil penetrates the skin pores without clogging them, thus allowing the skin to breath freely while at the same time rejuvenating itself with the oil’s moisturizing effect. (Jojoba oil is composed principally of 40 and 42 Carbon chain length esters, which are in turn composed of monounsaturated fatty acids and fatty alcohols of 16 to 24 carbon chain length.

Jojoba oil can be used as lips, hair, skin hydration and as makeup remover with 100% natural ingredients

Made in France

Certification: ECOCERT và COSMEBIO
Vegan. No animal by product. Not tested on animal.

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