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Dzao Postpartum Herbal Bath (3 bags)

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Dzao people live in mountainous areas and their lifestyle is intertwined with the forest. Their traditional herbal remedies consist of medicinal herbs, the exact mix of which is preserved as a secret and handed down through generations, normally only known to the women. Dzao Postpartum Herbal Bath is a traditional therapy is relaxing way to heal, soothe and restore oneself after the challenges of childbirth and helps preventing infection.

Packaging: 3 bag x 500gr.


Ingredients: 21 natural herbal medicine.


  • Divide each medicine bag into 3 equal doses. One treatment course includes 9 doses. Each dose is for 1 use 
  • For 6 initial doses, use in the immediate days postpartum for the maximum effect
  • For 3 last doses, use after giving birth for 1 month

How to use:

  • Boil the medicine completely immersed in water for 20-30 minutes. Leave for cooling until temperature about 70-80oC
  • Use a clean cloth to absorb the medicine and wipe your body from shoulder to feet 3 times
  • Run a warm bath with the rest of the medicine and soak for 15 mins


      • Keep in dry cool place 
      • Do not use if there is history with high blood pressure and for any birth complication
      • If feel dizzy or any other symptom, rest and drink a lot of water. If they persist, see your doctor immediately

      Made in Vietnam.

      Vegan. No animal by product. Not tested on animal.

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