[PD059]Japan Teriyaki Marinade & BBQ soy sauce (V)
[PD059]Japan Teriyaki Marinade & BBQ soy sauce (V)

Japan Teriyaki Marinade & BBQ Soy Sauce (V)

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Yamasa teriyaki sauce is made from naturally brewed soy sauce blended with sugar and carefully selected spices. Its flavourful aroma allows easy preparation of delicious teriyaki dishes! 100% natural fermented process. 

The word teriyaki comes from the Japanese teri to mean a shine or lustre - which you see in the glaze you get from the sugar in the sauce. Teriyaki is a traditional preparation for grilling or BBQ, but the sauce can also be used to enhance steamed or fried dishes.

Ingredients: soy sauce (naturally brewed water, soy beans wheat and salt), water, sugars, alcohol, MSG, lactic aicd, salt, spices. Contains wheat, gluten, soya. 

Size: 300ml.

Vegan. Not tested on animal. No animal by-product.

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