Organic raisin Thompson Markal 250gr
Organic raisin Thompson Markal 250gr

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Organic raisin Thompson Markal 250gr

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Raisins amazing health benefits includes treating anemia, preventing cancer, promoting proper digestion, combating hair loss, treating skin diseases, treating joint pains, regulating body pH level, relieving fever, support eye health, boosting energy level, supporting dental health, and curing insomnia.

Since, it’s packed with iron, copper and B complex vitamins; they are a valuable addition to your daily diet. You can steer clear of anemia or iron deficiency by regularly consuming raisins.

High levels of polyphenolic antioxidants, known as catechins, hunt for the free radicals that lead to the occurrence of tumors, particularly colon cancer. Including raisins in your diet is a great way to prevent many forms of cancers.

Since they are rich in phenolic phytochemicals, they are great antibacterial and antioxidant agents. Raisins are helpful in relieving bacterial infections or fever caused by viruses.

Another great benefit of raisins is that it contains a phytochemical called oleanolic acid that offers incredible protection against all kinds of dental problems. If you suffer from cavities, tooth decay or brittle teeth; raisins will prevent any bacterial growth in your mouth. Moreover, raisins are also rich in calcium to protect tooth enamel.



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