Organic Cure Vegan Protenies 25 La Mandorle 230g

Organic Cure Vegan Protenies 25 La Mandorle 230g

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Proteins help increase and maintain muscle mass and maintain a normal bone structure. This Cure Vegan Proteins 25 is especially suitable for people who adopt a vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian diet, athletes and people who care about their line in diet.

A course within 7 days, or supplement in a daily diet.

The optimal combination of 4 plant proteins: almond, rice, hemp and peas. Rich in protein and essential amino acids for the body:

  • Help build and keep the muscles and bones healthy
  • 25g protein / time, equivalent to 50% protein in nutritional requirements daily
  • Top quality essential amino acid content with chemical index > 100 (according to the standard of AFSSA 2007

Ingredients: 100% vegetable protein * (rice *, peas *, almonds *, hemp *).

* From organic farming

Packaging: 230g - for seventh times 

How to use: 32g to be consumed in a drink, a smoothie or to incorporate in a preparation of type compote, soup, biscuits, desserts... 

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

Made in France.

Certification: AB (Agriculture Biologique), EU Agriculture.

Vegan, not tested on animal, no animal by-product.

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