Natural loofah facial pad en Vị Lâm

Natural Loofah Facial Pad

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Made with natural loofah. Loofah is a natural plant product that can be used to exfoliate and revitalize skin cells. 

Packaging: 1 peice. 

Ingredient: loofah, cotton.

Dimension: 6,5 cm * 10 cm.

How to use: In the shower with a facial cleaner, use gentle circular movements all over the face daily. Use the soft cotton on the reverse for a gentle cleansing massage. 
You can use this all over your face to maximise their sugaring results to eliminate dead cells and maintain your skins glow! 

Tips: loofah is best used wet in the bath or shower where it will expand and soften slightly. After use rinse well and allow to dry naturally. Recommended to replace every 6 months for optimal cleanliness. May be machine washed.

Handmade in Vietnam.

Vegan. No animal by product. Not tested on animal.

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