Ly Son Garlic 0,5kg

Ly Son Garlic 0,5kg

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Single-clove garlic is a type of garlic that is formed by defects during growth. They only develop 1 clove, while the normal ones has many. The barrener the soil is, the easier to product this type of garlic. With only 1 clove, the nutrients and the flavor in Ly Son garlic is more concentrated than the regular ones. In Vietnam, they are mainly grown in Ly Son island, Quang Ngai province and Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan province.  

Garlic not only makes food delicious, it may also have a number of health benefits. Some of these benefits are more likely if you eat your garlic raw, since cooking it may reduce the amounts of certain chemicals garlic contains. Before adding large amounts of garlic to your diet or taking garlic supplements, speak with your doctor as garlic can interact with certain medications and isn't safe for everyone in amounts greater than those used in cooking.

Garlic may also be beneficial for preventing or treating colon and pancreatic cancer, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, although research is still preliminary.

Grown in HOC Farm - Lam Dong, Viet Nam.
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