Hot Cross Buns (6 packs)
Hot Cross Buns (6 packs)

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Hot Cross Buns (6 packs)

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Hot Cross Buns were traditionally baked for the spring festival to celebrate Easter. The four quarters of the cross on top of each bun were said to represent the phases of the moon, while the cross itself symbolizes rebirth after winter.

One old belief says that if you bake your Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday, they won’t go mouldy during the following year. Another tradition states that a hot cross bun was always kept from the batch baked on Good Friday, in case anyone in the family became ill during the next year. A small piece of the bun would be broken off to feed to the patient. These buns had extremely holy connotations and were believed to be able to cure all ills, including the most dreadful diseases.

This festive season, HOC kitchen will be serving you our Vegan Hot Cross Bun. They are handmade from the best ingredients, and sprinkles with lots of love. They are perfect to celebrate Easter, with your friends and families.

Ingredients: raisin, sugar, flour, cinnamon flour, oil, seed milk.

Packaging: 60 gram x 6 packs.

  • Order before Apr 16th and get them on Apr 17th
  • Order before Apr 18th and get them on Apr 19th
  • Order before Apr 20th and get them on Apr 21st

Vegan. No animal by product. Not tested on animal. 

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