HOC Vegan Charcoal Mooncakes (4 pcs) 1 - 3 box
HOC Green Mooncakes
HOC Green Mooncakes 24/9
HOC Green Mooncakes 24/9
HOC Green Mooncakes 24/9
HOC Green Mooncakes 24/9

HOC Vegan Charcoal Mooncakes (4 pcs)

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HOC Vegan Charcoal Mooncakes are 100% handmade with traditional wooden mould. Each batch is made with small quantity, handled with love, upon ordered to ensure the best quality. All ingredients are carefully selected, according to strict quality standard. And just like every other HOC product, they don't contain any preservatives or artificial colouring.

A Box consists of 4 different flavors with 150g each cake.

  • Crust: organic flour, Japanese charcoal powder, brown sugar, rice bran oil, salt.
  • Mung bean filling: local mung bean, rice bran oil, brown sugar.
  • Taro filling: organic taro, organic yam, bran rice oil, brown sugar.
  • Matcha filling: local mung bean, lotus seed, matcha powder, bran rice oil, brown sugar.
  • Mixed filling: Vietnamese lime and kumquat jam, roasted pumpkin seed, cashew nut, lime leaves, mushroom.

Storage: store in the fridge and use within 14 days

HOC Green Mooncake Box can be an exquisite gift for your loved ones with minimalist, waste-reduced design. Not only beautiful but also eco-friendly. Order now and receive on 24/9.

* Tết Trung Thu, the Mid-autumn Festival, is also known in Vietnam as the “Full Moon Festival” or the “Children’s Festival”, the Festival takes place in the middle of lunar month August. All across Vietnam, families welcome Tết Trung Thu by placing a five-fruit tray and cakes on their ancestral altar. Each family will offer the food to worship their ancestors, before feasting on mooncakes, usually outside under the light of the full moon.

Vegan. No animal by product. 

HOC guarantees your 100% satisfaction or money back!