Herbal Scrub & Soap 100g
Herbal Scrub & Soap 100g
Herbal Scrub & Soap 100g

Herbal Scrub & Soap 100g

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With 15 natural ingredients and 2-in-1 function: acne treat body scrub and dark spots, body nourish. 100% natural and sustainable, does not include palm oil and use coconut flakes as exfoliation instead of micro plastic. 

The black body scrub cake with activated carbon, coconut flakes, peppermint oil and cajeput oil help detox, remove sebum, bacteria, anti-inflammatory to treat acne areas and clean the pores, control oil.

Smooth orange cake with fresh turmeric root, aloe essence, shea butter, orange oil helps tighten pores, soothe irritation, stimulate the regeneration of dark spots and scars.


    • Use the black cake to clean 
    • Use the orange cake to treat dark spots and hear scars
    • Keep on a tray with a vent to prevent the product from dripping.

    Packaging: 100g.

    Made in Vietnam 

    Vegan. No animal by product. Not tested on animal. 

    House of Chay guarantee your 100% satisfaction or your money back!