"Healthy Family" Salad Package
"Healthy Family" Salad Package
"Healthy Family" Salad Package
"Healthy Family" Salad Package
"Healthy Family" Salad Package

"Healthy Family" Salad Package

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"Healthy Family" Salad Package for 2-4 people during 3 days: variety of vegetables, nutrition balance, boost your immune system...

"Healthy Family" Salad Package inclued:

  • Rainbow Chard: 300gr
  • Beetroot: 1kg
  • Baby Potato: 500gr
  • Oyster Mushroom: 200gr
  • Spring Onion: 200gr
  • Chilli: 100gr
  • Calabash: 1kg
  • Vine Spinach: 200gr
  • Chayote: 500gr
  • Luffa: 500gr
  • Brocolli: 500gr
  • Cauliflower: 500gr
  • Green Bell Pepper: 200gr
  • Red Bell Pepper: 200gr
  • Yellow Bell Pepper: 200gr
  • Escarole: 200gr
  • Romaine Lettuce: 200gr
  • Green Leaf Lettuce: 200gr
  • Cherry Tomato: 200gr
  • Baby Cucumber: 500gr
  • Soy Tempeh: 250gr
  • Firm Tofu: 1 gói
  • Highland Red Rice Noodlle: 1 gói

House of Chay's fresh, organically produced vegetables are grown in the highlands of Da Lat. HOC farms are committed to sustainable agriculture and only use organic, non-GMO seeds. Most importantly, we only harvest when you order and deliver it to your kitchen within 24 - 48 hours, ensuring that your family gets the freshest, safest, and most nourishing produce on your dinner table.

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