Gift Basket For The Minimalist Like-you-set (without optional)
Gift Basket For The Minimalist Like-you-set (without optional)
Gift Basket For The Minimalist Like-you-set (without optional)

Gift Basket For The Minimalist

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This is the unique and only Basket for the Minimalist. It includes the best selling items from House of Chay, all are bespoke, vegan, natural, safe and eco-friendly.

All items are carefully packed inside a gorgeous hand draw straw bag. Without a doubt, this is the most stylist gift ūüéĀ for your loved ones :

+ [Optional] Bamboo Straw Set: 1 straw + 1 cleaning brush + 1 handmade bag; replace disposable plastic straws with these natural and reusable bamboo straws. No inks, no dyes, no more throw-away straws! These bamboo straws come with a handy cleaning brush to wash them out for years of use, and a cute handmade carry bag so you can take them anywhere.

  • [Optional]¬†Energizing Herbal Inhaler:¬†Energizing Herbal Inhaler are deeply¬†inspired¬†by traditional Thai healing traditions. Indulge in one of the¬†finest healing¬†concepts available on earth and infuse your¬†body¬†with¬†beauty¬†and¬†balance.¬†
  • Natural bamboo toothbrush:¬†Developed by dentists, coped with the natural anti-bacteria of bamboo, this toothbrush is not only stylist but also the best option for your teeth.¬†
  • Thailand Herbal Minty Toothpaste:¬†Thailand Natural-Minty Toothpaste has been made since 1937 in Phitsanuloke, a key Northern Province of Thailand.¬†Combining¬†a secret traditional recipe, utilizing traditional Thai herbal ingredients, together with the most modern manufacturing technique to bring you this unique toothpaste.
  • 100% Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo (No Suds):¬†Our Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo is exceedingly gentle and 100% natural, yet effective. It may take a while for the residues from previous shampoos you have used to wash away and for the full gentle effect of organic kaffir limes to kick in. You do not need to use anything else on your hair. Our Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo will balance the pH of your hair naturally. Kaffir lime is also renowned in Thailand for its ability to create lustrous, dandruff-free, shining hair, and prevent gray hair.

Vegan. Not tested on animal. No animal by-products. 

House of Chay guarantee your 100% satisfaction or your money back!