Fresh King Oyster Mushroom Floss 250g

Fresh King Oyster Mushroom Floss 250g

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If you ever try dry pulled mushroom or mushroom floss, you know how tasty they are. House of Chay handcrafts our own from 100% fresh, organically grown king oyster mushroom, in small batch. Each 250g of floss is made from 1kg or more of fresh mushroom. The mushroom floss is just salty enough but still has the sweet taste and typical crunchiness of king oyster mushroom. Adding it to rice, porridge, sandwich or any dish to enhance the flavor and nutrition profile. Suitable for everyone including children. No preservative, no artificial color, no artificial flavor enhancer.

Package: 250g.

Storage: 1 month in the fridge.

Made in Vietnam.

Vegan. No animal by product. Not tested on animal. 

House of Chay guarantee your 100% satisfaction or your money back!