[GR066] Fresh Artichoke & Chamomile Tea Package en House of Chay
[GR066] Fresh Artichoke & Chamomile Tea Package en House of Chay
[GR066] Fresh Artichoke & Chamomile Tea Package en House of Chay

House of Chay

Fresh Artichoke & Chamomile Tea Package

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Package : 1 set Fresh Artichoke Tea from House Of Chay include: 0.5kg fresh artichoke, 10g dried chamomile, 20g dried red apple.

How to make: Clean artichokes, pulling the petals out, under running cool water. Place artichokes and apples in boiling water (3 liters) and continue to cook on low fire for 40 minutes. Then add dried chamomile flower and simmer for 10 minutes. Add some rock sugar to taste. Let artichoke tea rest for about 5 minutes, pour into your favorite teacup and enjoy. Or you also can keep chill it in the fridge and drink for 2-3 days. 

    • Artichoke herbal tea helps to protect the liver and treat related diseases. It stimulates the liver function and the production of bile. Overall, it helps with liver insufficiency.
    • Because of its beneficial action on the liver, it may help to fight the evil consequences of alcoholism, through faster liver recovery.
    • This tea is diuretic, easing elimination of urea. It also contains inulin, which is important as a hypoglycemic, recommended to diabetics as it helps to regulate the levels of sugar in the blood.
    • Also as a diuretic, artichoke tea is indicated as one of the great weight loss teas, helping to rid the body of excess body fat and preventing water retention, through the urine.
    • It may help to treat bad digestion. It is gentle and soothing for your stomach, even promoting the recovery of your appetite. It provides healthy bacteria for your stomach and essential nutrients for you.

    • Artichoke herbal tea helps to reduce cholesterol levels as well as helping to prevent future increase.

Made in Vietnam.

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