[DR011] Firm tofu 280g

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[DR011] Firm tofu 280g

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Tofu, or bean curd, is a popular food derived from soya. It is made by curdling fresh soya milk, pressing it into a solid block and then cooling it – in much the same way that traditional dairy cheese is made by curdling and solidifying milk.

Our Firm Tofu has less water content so that a taste soaks in very well. Also, Nutrition content is higher than Kinu (Silk) Tofu.

1 pack contain

  • Protein : 18,48 g 
  • Vitamin B6 : 0.14mg 
  • Vitamin E : 0,56mg 
  • Vitamin B1 : 0,2 mg 
  • Vitamin B2 : 0,08mg
  • Calorie : 202kcal
  • Fat : 11,76gr

 We guarantee your 100% satisfaction and NON-GMO !

Package : 300gr ( 1 pack )



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