Duo Split Peas (green&yellow) Markal 500g

Duo Split Peas (green&yellow) Markal 500g

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Green peas have probably no secret to you. But did you know that there are also yellow split peas? We invite you to discover their fresh and original flavor, associated with more pronounced flavor of green split peas, with our new duo split peas.

The green and yellow split peas have a very interesting nutritional profile (high in fiber and protein source), they can balance their menus while diversifying its supply.

Ingredients: 100% green and organic yellow split peas. 

How to use: 

  • Rinse the split peas with water
  • Cook for about 1 hour on medium heat until they are tender

StorageKeep in dry cool place. Best storage in glass jar. 

Made in France.

Certification: AB (Agriculture Biologique), EU Agriculture.

Vegan, not tested on animal, no animal by-product.

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