Sweet Dried Soybeans (210g)
Sweet Dried Soybeans (210g)

Sweetened Dried Soybean 210g

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Soybean are favorited by many people due to the nutty, sweet taste. In addition to its delicious taste, soybean also contain many nutritious components that provide many health benefits such as fat, minerals, vitamin E. It also helps lower cholesterol, beautify skin, hair, and hair, prevent aging. In addition, ground pepper is not only used for spicing your food, it also provides vitamins and helps treat cold and burn fat effectively.

The product is traditional processed with heat shock, boiling and adding cold water continuously then drying, so the soy are crispy and fragrant.

Ingredients: Soy 90%, Stevia 3%, Chili, Sugar, Salt

How to use: Eat directly, use right when opening the packaging

Store in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

Warning: Do not use when product has a strange odor

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