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Dried Persimmon 0,5 kg

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Premium air dried persimmon from HOC's garden. Not only taste good, it also has the following nutrition benefits:
  • Vitamin A to maintain eye health, boost immunity
  • Potassium to lower cholesterol and improve nerve function. Do you know the Potassium content in persimmon is double compared to banana?
  • High in fiber to aid with digestion and prevent bowel disease
  • Aid in maintaining healthy weight by the ability to curb excessive hunger, especially with very low calories
Instruction: Ready to eat.

Storage: Keep in cold place to use within 2-3 month.

Packaging: 0.5kg in vacumm seal bag.
Caution: Remember to brush your teeth after eating, the tannin in persimmon will cause decay and discolors the teeth.
Grown in HOC Farm - Lam Dong, Viet Nam.
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