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Dried Persimmon 0,5 kg

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The dried persimmons contain large amount of Vitamin A, being crucial for good eyesight, good immunity, cell renewal and growth in the body. In case of prolonged Vitamin A deficiency one can experience nyctalopia. Vitamin A improves the function of leucocytes and helps the growth of the thymus gland. It also plays an important role in bone firmness, because it aids their metabolism and thus prevents easy fractures and osteoporosis.

Potassium is one of the most important nutrients persimmons contain. The potassium contents of the persimmons is twice that in the bananas, for instance. If you suffer from hypertension, heart condition or arrythmia, it is especially important to get enough potassium. Although potassium and cholesterol are not interrelated, consumption of potassium high food can reduce the cholesterol. Apart from all other benefits, potassium helps the muscles move, the nerves function and the kidneys filter the blood.

Persimmons are highly appreciated due to the content of Vitamin B-complex such as: folic acid, pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), thiamin, etc., which catalyze a number of metabolic enzyme functions in the organism.

Persimmons are extremely high in fiber and act beneficially in cases of constipation helping the digested food move on through the intestinal tract. It has been found that high fiber diet can reduce the risk of diverticulitis (a painful condition, occurring when the pouches of intestines get destroyed and infected) by 40%. It has also been found that high fiber diet can relieve symptoms in people with a condition and prevent future exacerbations. The benefits of fiber are not limited to the health of the digestive tract. Research has found that healthy fiber can also reduce cholesterol, normalize blood sugar levels, reduce cardiovascular risk, as well as help obese people lose weight.



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