Disposable Grass Straw (100 pcs) Fresh / 1 box
Disposable Dried Grass Straw (100 pcs)

Disposable Grass Straw (100 pcs)

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Dried grass straws are made with 100% natural grass of Vietnam's western region. Buying the straws means that you not only take part in protecting our environment but also helps to employ hundreds of Vietnamese farmers.

Packaging: 100pcs/box.


- Fresh: 1 month at frigde or 3 - 5 days at room temperature

- Dry: 1 year at room temperature

How to use:

  • Store at room temperature
  • Store at dry and clean places
  • Avoid putting the straws near any kind of insects
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Can be reused from 2-3 times ( dispose after 1 use recommended)
  • Suitable for liquids

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