Datlat Parsley Plant

Datlat Parsley Plant

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Parsley is a favorite of most cooks—used for its clean, fresh taste in sauces, salads, stuffings, and omelets. It’s commonly added at the end of cooking for its fresh peppery and tangy flavor. It has a light spicy aroma with hints of anise and lemon.

HOC self-grown organic parsley is kept inside a pot as it is when you buy it. It will provide you a freshest herb anytime you want and a small cute plant for your home at the same time.


  • Grow parsley in morning sun or partial shade in the afternoon.
  • Parsley grows best in compost-rich, moist soil.
  • Grow 6 plants for cooking; grow 10 to 20 plants for preserving.
  • Curly parsley leaves are tufted and finely cut with serrated or toothed edges and wrinkled surfaces. Plain-leaf or Italian is similar but has a flat surface. Individual leaves consist of a leafstalk, side branches, and several separate leaflets.

Grown in HOC Farm - Lam Dong, Viet Nam.

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