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Bamboo Straw [PD011]

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With its self-replenishing qualities, bamboo is one of the most versatile materials for just about everything without making a big impact in the environment. To make a sophisticated bamboo drinking straw, right handling and treatment is ensured at all times.

Bamboo Drinking Straw comes a long way before getting to your favorite glass of refreshment. Learning its background will give you an idea why these bamboos are so special. From the rich mountains, bamboo sticks are cut and sun-dried for a few weeks to remove moisture. Once dry, each are cut to length and polished using sand to remove the rough and sharp edges of the bamboo for a flawless finish.  

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natural bamboo straw
Replace disposable plastic straws with these natural and reusable bamboo straws. No inks, no dyes, no more throw-away straws! These bamboo straws come with a handy cleaning brush to wash them out for years of use.

  • Set of 6 reusable bamboo straws
  • Easy to clean - includes straw cleaning brush
  • Sustainability - bamboo is one of the most renewable and fastest growing resources on earth.
  • Natural • Safe • Sustainable
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Don't Suck. Refuse The Straw
That single-use straw in your cocktail or coffee will be on this planet forever. It takes 200 years to break down, into ... tiny toxic particles. The US and UK alone toss nearly 550 millions plastic straw PER DAY. Very little is recycled, and much end up in the ocean, causing serious pollution and harm to sea animals. A healthy ocean provides resilience to climate change. Chay is doing our part by joining Refuse The Straw project. We don't provide straw with all our beverage. You can help too. Today. Refuse The Straw.