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Palm Leaf Biodegradable Disposable Plate (10pcs)

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Our Palm Leaf Tableware is made of unique, renewable and biodegradable raw material. The sheaths of the palm tree, which in the course of their life cycle dry, fall and regenerate, are collected, cleaned and molded into our beautiful tableware. No trees are cut down. You will appreciate the natural color and texture of Areca Tableware; every plate is unique! Microwavable and grease resistant, our Palm Leaf Tableware is 100% natural. 
  • All Natural: made from natural fallen palm leaves and water
  • Elegant Touch: Natural and durable tableware adds a rustic and elegant touch to your events
  • Biodegradable: Perfect alternative to plastic and most sustainable eco friendly disposable available in the market

    Packaging: 1 bag with 10 plates, natural color.

    Dimension: 25x1 cm.

    How to use: Suitable for all occasions. Can be washed and reused.

    Made in Vietnam.

    Every minute, one garbage truck worth of plastic is dumped into the ocean. By 2050, this could mean more plastic than fish in the world’s ocean. Let's join the Zerowaste movement with HOC!

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