Lăn Khử Mùi Thiên Nhiên 16hr - House of Chay
Lăn Khử Mùi Thiên Nhiên 16hr - House of Chay
Lăn Khử Mùi Thiên Nhiên 16hr - House of Chay
Lăn Khử Mùi Thiên Nhiên 16hr - House of Chay
Lăn Khử Mùi Thiên Nhiên 16hr - House of Chay

House of Chay

Lăn Khử Mùi Thiên Nhiên 16hr

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Diligently formulated and made in Hong Kong with all-natural ingredients, our deodorant cream contains no additives, paraben, Aluminium salt, silicon (or any other toxic junk like that), but still effectively neutralises body odour and absorbs wetness for 16 hour long.  

Natural Deodorant | Fragrance Free (30ml / 1 fl oz)

For those of you that just want a deodorant without the fragrance, we have enriched this blend with vitamin E.  This natural antioxidant softens and rejuvenates the skin and helps to draw out trapped impurities.  It is also suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, teenagers and the extra sensitive ones.

Natural Deodorant | Fresh (30ml / 1 fl oz)

Well known for their uplifting and clarifying properties, this citrus blend combines essentials oil of lime, grapefruit with a highlight of lemon.  It will certainly add a spring into your step and lift your mood.

Natural Deodorant | Sweet (30ml / 1 fl oz)

Using the most precious essential oil in the world, gardenia essential oil gives this fragrance a truly romantic and unique note.  It is a healthy yet lovely alternative for your everyday perfume.

Natural Deodorant | Men (30ml / 1 fl oz)

Originally formulated with men in mind, this earthy blend also attracts women who want a more grounded fragrance.  

Travel Pack (4 x 7ml)

Always on the road? Can't decide which scent to go for? Or simple want to have it all? This travel pack will be ideal for you. 

Set contains:

FRESH Natural Deodorant

SWEET Natural Deodorant

MEN Natural Deodorant

FRAGRANCE FREE Natural Deodorant


Virgin coconut oil*^, unrefined shea butter*, sodium bicarbonate^, arrowroot starch^, tocopherol (vitamin E), jojoba oil*, natural essential oils. *certified organic ^food-grade


  1. Dry your armpit and your hand
  2. Apply 1 pump worth of product to your armpit
  3. Gently spread the product evenly on your armpit, spread any residual all your palms, it will help control your sweaty palms too!


For external use only. Do not apply on broken skin. Discontinue use if rash or irritation develops. Store at room temperature.

The reason we don't package our product as a stick like others because we want to minimize contamination gets into the product.