Zerowaste Collection

Cutlery, dinnerware and more made from sustainable, bio-degradable materials such as bagasse, bamboo, plant fiber. Always reusable or biodegradable. Must-haves for embracing the Zero Waste lifestyle.

Premium Bamboo Toothbrush [PD014.1] en House of Chay White No handmade bag

Tiết kiệm

Premium Bamboo Toothbrush [PD014.1] Giá giảm 88.000₫ 330.000₫ +
Reusable Bamboo Fiber Mug Giá 300.000₫ 350.000₫ +
Prebiotic Deodorant Stick Giá 298.000₫
Bamboo Straw Made in Vietnam 6 Straw + 1 Coconut brush + 1 Handmade bag

Tiết kiệm

Bamboo Straw Made in Vietnam Giá giảm 88.000₫ 128.000₫ +
Colourful Reusable Biodegradable Wheat Straw Cutlery Set Giá 68.000₫
Stainless steel straw set en House of Chay 2 normal straw

Tiết kiệm

Stainless steel straw set Giá giảm 110.000₫ 175.000₫ +
Reusable insulated travel mug rCUP Giá 388.000₫
Oh la la wheat straw lunch box Giá 500.000₫
Zerowaste Cutlery Set en House of Chay Normal bamboo straw

Tiết kiệm

Zerowaste Cutlery Set Giá giảm 230.000₫ 250.000₫ +
Clear Glass Straw Set [PD077] 2 straw + 1 brush + 1 handmade bag / 7mm & 12mm PD077

Tiết kiệm

Clear Glass Straw Set [PD077] Giá giảm 52.000₫ 115.000₫ +
Natural loofah body pad Giá 35.000₫
Zero waste grocery bags Giá 100.000₫
Wooden handle natural loofah back scrubber Giá 110.000₫
Natural loofah facial pad Giá 30.000₫
Colapsible Silicon Cup [PD330-2] Giá 150.000₫
Wheat straw cute bottle (420ml) Giá 300.000₫
Herbal Shampoo Bar Giá 188.000₫
Reusable Wheat Straw Mug Giá 350.000₫
Bamboo Toothbrush Kid [PD129] Yellow / No handmade bag PD129.2

Tiết kiệm

Bamboo Toothbrush Kid [PD129] Giá giảm 68.000₫ 250.000₫ +
Colapsible Silicon Straw Set [PD326-9] Giá 88.000₫
Bamboo Hair Massage Brush Giá 148.000₫
Toothpaste tablet Giá 250.000₫
Bamboo Ballpoint Pen Giá 138.000₫
Palm leaf biodegradable disposable plate (10pcs) Giá 58.000₫
Bubble tea bamboo straw [PD095] Giá 58.000₫ 98.000₫ +
Essential Oil Solid Shampoo Peace


Essential Oil Solid Shampoo Giá 158.000₫
Palm leaf biodegradable disposable spoon (25pcs) Giá 30.000₫
One piece bamboo bottle LIFE Giá 930.000₫
Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Toddler Dinner Set (5 Piece) [PD089] Giá 350.000₫
Biodegradable Bagasse Box/Plate (10 pcs) Giá 35.000₫ 70.000₫ +
Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle (500ml) [PD309] Giá 350.000₫
Mood Deodorant Stick Giá 355.000₫
Rice Husk Mug Giá 280.000₫ 330.000₫ +
Reusable Biodegradable Wheat Straw Cutlery Set Giá 58.000₫
Biodegradable disposable paperstraw Giá 23.000₫ 33.000₫ +
One piece bamboo bottle SPORT en House of Chay


One piece bamboo bottle SPORT Giá 930.000₫
Cotton CHAY tote bag [PD099] Giá 38.000₫
Wheat straw minimalist bottle (430ml) Giá 350.000₫
Natural loofah body pad (water drop shape) Giá 70.000₫
Lincare Natural Facial Konjac Sponge Giá 79.000₫
Lincup Menstrual Cup Giá 699.000₫
Biodegradable Paper Pulp Box (10pcs) Giá 38.000₫ 40.000₫ +
Clear window paper box [PK010] Giá 30.000₫ 35.000₫ +
Palm leaf biodegradable compartment plate (10pcs) Giá 62.000₫
Palm leaf biodegradable disposable bowl (10pcs) Giá 38.000₫
One piece bamboo bottle YOGA en Not just bamboo 250ml Green


One piece bamboo bottle YOGA Giá 930.000₫
Biodegradable cutlery (10 pcs) Giá 48.000₫
Cute Tote Bag Giá 50.000₫
Triangle Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle (500ml) Giá 300.000₫ 330.000₫ +
Tote Bag Giá 90.000₫ 160.000₫ +