Biodegradable Paper Pulp Box (10pcs) 6.5IN/450ML BOX
Biodegradable Paper Pulp Box (10pcs) 6.5IN/450ML BOX

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Biodegradable Paper Pulp Box (10pcs)

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Food containers and packaging products are commonly used everywhere but not many people are aware of the problem associated with the use of these products. These containers and packaging can leach dangerous substances and chemicals into food. Our biodegradable bagasse container and packaging are absolutely safe for food and environment friendly.

  • Ingredient: 100% pulp of Gum tree
  • Free of cancer causing agents
  • Safe for food and non toxic
  • Biodegradable in the ground within 6 weeks
  • No waste generated from production processes
  • Certified for international standard of biodegradable products
  • Clean with quality control throughout the production processes
  • Water and hot oil resistance without leaks
  • Ovenable and microwavable
  • Shelf life for 5 years
  • Free of heavy metals or other chemicals, with reference to EU Res AP and GMP
  • Free of pathogens, with reference to BAC (upgrade from FDA)

Package: 10 boxes

Made in Thailand.

Vegan. No animal by-products. Do not test on animal. 

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