Zerowaste Collection

Cutlery, dinnerware and more made from sustainable, bio-degradable materials such as bagasse, bamboo, plant fiber. Always reusable or biodegradable. Must-haves for embracing the Zero Waste lifestyle.
Bamboo Toothbrush - House of Chay


Bamboo Toothbrush Sale price 88.000₫ +
Reusable Bamboo Mug Regular price 300.000₫ +
Bamboo Straw (6 straws) Regular price 88.000₫ +
Enamel Tiffin Lunch Box - House of Chay


Enamel Tiffin Lunch Box Sale price 400.000₫ +
Bubble tea bamboo straw Regular price 58.000₫ +
Oh la la wheat straw lunch box


Oh la la wheat straw lunch... Sale price 450.000₫
Zero waste grocery bags Regular price 80.000₫
10 Biodegradable bagasse bo... Regular price 30.000₫ +
Wooden handle natural loofa... Regular price 110.000₫
Natural loofah body pad Regular price 35.000₫
Bubble tea glass straw Regular price 68.000₫ +
Turkish Natural Olive Soap Regular price 250.000₫
Natural loofad facial pad Regular price 30.000₫
Natural loofah body pad (wa... Regular price 70.000₫
Wheat Straw Cutlery Set Regular price 54.000₫
Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber ... Regular price 350.000₫
Biodegradable cutlery Regular price 48.000₫