Home Care

Our home cleaning products are designed to be tough on dirt, gentle on you and your family. We have selected products that are plant-based, holistic, chemical-free and biodegradable for a safe and sustainable home.  


Natural Green Tea Home Cleaning Bundle Giá 350.000₫ 520.000₫ +
Natural loofah dish washing cloth Giá 12.000₫
Organic Laundry Detergent Liquid Giá 110.000₫ 205.000₫ +
Floor Cleaner Liquid 5L Giá 125.000₫
Natural Floor Cleaner Liquid Giá 71.000₫ 165.000₫ +
Organic Dishwashing Liquid Giá 80.000₫ 190.000₫ +
Organic Surface Cleaner Harmonie Verte Giá 157.000₫ 195.000₫ +
Hand Washing Refill 1L Giá 99.000₫
Organic Laundry Detergent Liquid 5L Giá 210.000₫
Organic Dishwashing Liquid 5L Giá 125.000₫
Soapberries washing nuts [PD246] Giá 280.000₫