House of Chay Nutrition Plans

Welcome to House of Chay's weekly 5 star nutritious meal and beverage plan ! A convenient set-and-forget system to ensure healthy eating Monday - Friday. All of our gourmet meals are prepared fresh daily, by our 5 star chefs from organically grown and premium ingredients, with love. Our Menu is updated weekly. Eating clean has never been this tasty and easy!

No MSG, non-GMO, no refined sugar, no preservative. Ever!

In the quest of becoming a disposable-package-free company, 80% of our packaging are biodegradable. Please help by choosing disposable cutleries only when you need them and return delivery bag, bottles, boxes to us for reuse.

V = Vegan, GF = Gluten Free, V Opt. = Vegan Optional, GF Opt. = Gluten Free Optional

Eat Clean, Feel Loved <3

Why do our customers love it?


10 Nutritionally Designed Meal Plan Regular price 1.300.000
5 Natural Smoothie and Juice Plan (330ml) Regular price 350.000 400.000 +
3 Meal Trial Plan Regular price 450.000
5 Macadamia & Lotus Seed Milk Plan


5 Macadamia & Lotus Seed Milk Plan Sale price 175.000 200.000 +
5 Healthy Drink Plan Regular price 250.000 285.000 +
5 Day Vegan Detox Regular price 1.980.000