Personal Care

Our personal care products are designed to gently cleanse your entire body from head to toe. Enriching oils and extracts balanced with organic botanicals leave skin feeling soft and smooth. We do not use any artificial colors, fragrances, or chemicals ensuring that our products are safe even to the most sensitive skin.

Prebiotic Deodorant Stick Regular price 298.000
Hydrating Organic Lip Tint Regular price 398.000
Organic Tampon 3 Drops Silvercare Super (18 pieces) Regular price 99.000
Ultra-thin Night Organic Sanitary Napkin (10 pieces) Regular price 134.500
Ultra-thin Day Organic Sanitary Napkin (10 pieces) Regular price 129.500
Anatomical Organic Sanitary Napkin (30 pieces) Regular price 103.000
Organic Cotton Pads (80 sheets)


Organic Cotton Pads (80 sheets) Sale price 61.000
Mood Deodorant Stick Regular price 355.000
Natural Hand Washing Regular price 65.000 105.000 +
Mung Bean Anti-Blemish Face Wash Regular price 120.000 230.000 +
Apple Bubble Cleanser Regular price 585.000
Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo Regular price 245.000
2 in 1 Conditioner Cosmos Organic Regular price 260.000
Organic Conditioner 500ml Regular price 480.000
Cosmo Naturel Shampoo 500ml Regular price 480.000
2in1 Tonic Shampoo Shower Gel Marjoram & Orange 500ml Regular price 480.000
Cosmos Organic Shower Gel Regular price 245.000 529.000 +
Organic Centella Asiantica Serum Regular price 1.095.000
Tea Tree Cleansing Water Regular price 596.000
Organic Daily Silicone Pant Flexible Silvercare (30 pieces) Regular price 103.000