Personal Care

Our personal care products are designed to gently cleanse your entire body from head to toe. Enriching oils and extracts balanced with organic botanicals leave skin feeling soft and smooth. We do not use any artificial colors, fragrances, or chemicals ensuring that our products are safe even to the most sensitive skin.

Premium Bamboo Toothbrush [PD014.1] en House of Chay White No handmade bag


Premium Bamboo Toothbrush Sale price 88.000 330.000 +
Sao Sa Natural Soap en House of Chay


Sao Sa Natural Soap Sale price 58.000 232.000 +
Natural Loofah Body Pad Regular price 35.000
100% Natural Honey Locust Shampoo (no sud) Regular price 80.000 150.000 +
Wooden Handle Natural Loofah Back Scrubber Regular price 110.000
Lemongrass Essential Oil Regular price 50.000
Mood Deodorant Stick Spring


Mood Deodorant Stick Sale price 355.000 1.306.000 +
Energizing Herbal Inhaler Inhaler / 30g


Energizing Herbal Inhaler Sale price 78.000 88.000 +
Essential Oil Solid Shampoo Regular price 158.000 298.000 +
Coconut Oil Eyelash Lengthening Mascara Regular price 35.000 55.000 +
Activated Carbon Natural Teeth Whitener Regular price 270.000
Natural Loofah Facial Pad Regular price 30.000
Enzyme Hand Wash Regular price 65.000 105.000 +
Zerowaste Bamboo Scalp Massage Brush Regular price 148.000
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Regular price 110.000
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Lip Balm Regular price 35.000 60.000 +
Melaleuca Essential Oil Regular price 50.000
Organic Tampon 3 Drops Silvercare Super (18 pieces) Regular price 118.000
Toothpaste Tablet Regular price 250.000
Biodegradable Paper White Q-tip Regular price 31.000
Hydrating Organic Lip Tint Regular price 398.000
Lucas Pawpaw Ointment Regular price 110.000
Ultra-thin Night Organic Sanitary Napkin (10 pieces) Regular price 134.500
Ultra-thin Day Organic Sanitary Napkin (10 pieces) Regular price 129.500
Grapefruit Essential Oil Hair Conditioner Regular price 75.000
Essential Oil Infused Lip Gloss Regular price 40.000
Healing Herbal Oil for Muscle & Joint Regular price 90.000
Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Set Shampoo


Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Set Sale price 238.000
Bamboo Toothbrush Kid [PD129] Yellow / No handmade bag PD129.2


Bamboo Toothbrush Kid Sale price 68.000 250.000 +
Anatomical Organic Sanitary Napkin (30 pieces) Regular price 120.000
Organic Cotton Pads (80 sheets)


Organic Cotton Pads (80 sheets) Sale price 65.000
Mom & Bub Herbal Bath Salt Regular price 158.000
Premium Bamboo Toothbrush - Limited Edition Regular price 88.000
Hair & Scalp Rejuvenation Treatment Oil Regular price 185.000
Natural Loofah Body Pad (Water Drop Shape) Regular price 50.000 70.000 +
Silicone Scalp Massage Brush Regular price 250.000
Peppermint Hug Organic Mild Shampoo Regular price 180.000 360.000 +
Lincare Menstrual Cup & Intimate Wash Regular price 79.000
Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads Day with wings (10 pieces) Regular price 135.000
Whitening Lemon Organic Toothpaste Regular price 186.000
Biodegradable Paper Black Q-tip Regular price 41.000
Detox Facial Clay Mask Regular price 170.000
Gentle Green Tea Oil Make Up Remover Regular price 200.000
Ngoc Chau Natural Herbal Toothpaste 170g Regular price 60.000
Organic Virgin Coconut Treatment Oil Regular price 68.000 96.000 +
Peppermint Hug Organic Shower Gel Regular price 180.000 360.000 +
Jasmine Hug Organic Shower Gel Regular price 180.000 360.000 +
Lincup Menstrual Cup Lincup+


Lincup Menstrual Cup Sale price 695.000 4.550.000 +
Organic Cotton Digital (non-applicator) Tampons Regular (18 pieces) Regular price 100.000
Sensitive Gums Bio Toothpaste Regular price 186.000