Personal Care

Our personal care products are designed to gently cleanse your entire body from head to toe. Enriching oils and extracts balanced with organic botanicals leave skin feeling soft and smooth. We do not use any artificial colors, fragrances, or chemicals ensuring that our products are safe even to the most sensitive skin.

Energizing Herbal Inhaler - House of Chay


Energizing Herbal Inhaler Sale price 78.000₫ 88.000₫ +
Activated Carbon Natural Te... Regular price 270.000₫
Mom & Bub Bath Sea Salt... Regular price 158.000₫
Detox Facial Clay Mask Regular price 170.000₫
New Year Herbal Steam Facia... Regular price 80.000₫ 120.000₫ +
Gentle green tea oil make u... Regular price 200.000₫
Essential Oil Infused Lip G... Regular price 40.000₫
100% natural herbal shampoo... Regular price 48.000₫
Detox Herbal Facial Steam Set Regular price 100.000₫
Herbal Remedy for Women Sex... Regular price 80.000₫
Herbal Foot Soak (7 bags) Regular price 140.000₫
Grapefruit essential oil ha... Regular price 75.000₫
100% natural spa herbal sha... Regular price 140.000₫
Mun Man's Herbal Shampoo Regular price 180.000₫
Sao Sa Natural Soap


Sao Sa Natural Soap Sale price 88.000₫ 308.000₫ +
Herbal Alcohol Re Gio Regular price 135.000₫
Anti-ageing Facial Oil Regular price 200.000₫
Herbal Bran Rice Body Exfol... Regular price 90.000₫
Lux Herbal Steam Bath (4 ba... Regular price 80.000₫
Detox Herbal Bath Salt (PD142) Regular price 250.000₫
Dzao Postpartum Herbal Bath... Regular price 390.000₫
Mom & Bub Herbal Bath (2... Regular price 35.000₫
Honeysuckle hydrating face ... Regular price 120.000₫
Honeysuckle moist lover fac... Regular price 245.000₫