Personal Care

Our personal care products are designed to gently cleanse your entire body from head to toe. Enriching oils and extracts balanced with organic botanicals leave skin feeling soft and smooth. We do not use any artificial colors, fragrances, or chemicals ensuring that our products are safe even to the most sensitive skin.

100% Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo - No Suds (300ml) - House of Chay


100% Organic Kaffir Lime Sh... Regular price 188.000₫
100% natural honey locust s... Regular price 80.000₫
Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Set - House of Chay


Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Set Sale price 238.000₫ 438.000₫ +
Herbal Shampoo Bar Regular price 188.000₫
Natual ox horn comb Regular price 95.000₫
100% natural herbal shampoo... Regular price 48.000₫
Kaffir Lime & Rice Soaked Water Personal Care Set - House of Chay


Kaffir Lime & Rice Soaked W... Sale price 238.000₫
Bamboo Hair Massage Brush [... Regular price 148.000₫
Hair growth treatment oil [... Regular price 185.000₫
Essential Oil Solid Shampoo Regular price 158.000₫
2 in 1 Conditioner Cosmos O... Regular price 245.000₫
Shine & Vitality Shampoo Co... Regular price 245.000₫
Soft & Nourishing Shampoo C... Regular price 245.000₫
Refreshing & Purifying Sham... Regular price 245.000₫
Organic Conditioner 500ml Regular price 445.000₫
Cosmo Naturel Oily Hair Sha... Regular price 445.000₫
Cosmo Naturel Anti Dandruff... Regular price 445.000₫
Cosmo Naturel Chamomile Blo... Regular price 445.000₫
Cosmo Naturel Frequent use ... Regular price 445.000₫
Cosmo Naturel Fortifying Sh... Regular price 445.000₫
2in1 Tonic Shampoo Shower G... Regular price 445.000₫
Grapefruit essential oil ha... Regular price 75.000₫
100% natural spa herbal sha... Regular price 140.000₫
Mun Man's Herbal Shampoo Regular price 180.000₫