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Napa cabbage 0,5 - 0,6 kg

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Napa cabbage, along with bok choy, is one of the favorite leafy-cabbage vegetables in mainland China. Napa’s sweet, crunchy, and celery-flavored leaves are one of the most sought-after ingredients in the far East-Asian cuisine. Undoubtedly, Chinese cabbages are increasingly being used in the western, Mediterranean as well as American cuisines for their wholesome nutrition profile.

Napa cabbage is rich of nutrient that works efficiently as a anti-inflammation substance that can protect us from inflammation in our body. This will automatically prevent us from several illness because of inflammation, such as arthritis.

Besides containing vitamin K, napa cabbage is the source of calcium that excellent for our bones growth. In 100 gr of napa cabbage, there is 105 mg of calcium. It is the same as 10.5% of our total calcium need in a day. It is more than the calcium contains in milk product.

Napa cabbage is the source of vitamin B complex such as folic, vitamin B6, B1, and B5. Vitamin B prevents us from brain shrinking and important for promoting our energy.

Grown in HOC Farm - Lam Dong, Viet Nam.
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