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Daikon 1kg

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Daikon Radish is both Japanese Radish or Chinese Radish except that Japanese Radish is thinner and longer compared to Chinese Radish. It looks like a white carrot and has a crisp texture with a mild taste compared to normal radish. It is used mainly in Oriental dishes but can also be eaten raw in a salad.

There are several types of radishes available in the market but daikon radish is the most popular from the medicinal point of view. Another popular radish for its healing properties is the black radish, which is common in the West.

Besides its medicinal and healing properties, the high nutritional content including Vitamin A, C, E and B-6, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and fiber are some of the reasons why daikon radish or Chinese radish should be part of your diet.

Vitamin C is such an important antioxidant that the recommended dietary allowance is based on getting enough to ensure maximum antioxidant protection, according to the Institute of Medicine. Your body depends on vitamin C to produce the connective tissue collagen, which supports your skin, blood vessels and muscles. Collagen is also essential for building bones. 

Grown in HOC Farm - Lam Dong, Viet Nam.
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