Farm to Table Groceries

House of Chay's fresh, organically produced vegetables are grown in the highlands of Da Lat. HOC farms are committed to sustainable agriculture and only use organic, non-GMO seeds. Most importantly, we only harvest when you order and deliver it to your kitchen within 24 - 48 hours, ensuring that your family gets the freshest, safest, and most nourishing produce on your dinner table.

Delivery time: Orders placed before 9am will be delivered overnight. Orders placed after 9am will be delivered within 36-48h. Please select the delivery date and time that works best for you. 

Purple Garlic 0,9 - 1kg Giá 120.000


Rosemary Giá 50.000
Leek 300g Giá 15.000
Dill 100g Giá 18.000
Sawleaf 100g Giá 10.000
Cilantro 100g Giá 10.000
Spring Onion 100g Giá 8.000
Lemongrass 200g Giá 10.000
Garlic 300g Giá 60.000
Celery 500 - 600g Giá 30.000