Gourmet Food

Other products are hand picked by our team, following very strict Chay requirements:

  • Premium ingredients (organic when specified)
  • Vegan: no dairy (milk, butter, cheese, yogurt), no eggs, no honey, and no other ingredients of animal origin
  • No preservative, no artificial coloring 

Delivery time: Please select the most suitable delivery date and time in your order. Some handmade products (i.e. breads and sundry tomato) take longer to make and would be deliver the next day. 

[014] Handcrafted Vegan Kimchi 454g (V, GF) Giá 70.000₫
Macadamia & Lotus Seed Milk (V, GF) Giá 40.000₫
[MP149] Soya Tempeh 250g Giá 62.000₫
[DP016] Artisan Kashew Cheese (V, GF) Giá 190.000₫ 580.000₫ +
[BK003] 12 Grain Bread (V) Giá 61.000₫ 97.000₫ +
Red bean tempeh 250gr [MP150] Giá 62.000₫
Kombucha Tea Giá 50.000₫ 80.000₫ +
[DR011] Firm tofu 280g Giá 13.000₫
[BK009] Whole Wheat Tortillas (6 pack) Giá 113.000₫
[PR010] Shirataki Noodle (200g) Giá 42.000₫
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Giá 20.000₫ 93.000₫ +
[BK008] Whole Wheat Pita Bread (6 pcs) (V) Giá 120.000₫
100% Natural Peanut Butter Smooth [PD081] Giá 100.000₫
100% Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter [PD085] Giá 100.000₫
Cereal Drink 180ml x 5 Giá 100.000₫
[BK010] Flour Tortillas (6 pack) (V) Giá 100.000₫
100% Natural Cashew Butter Smooth [PD086] Giá 170.000₫
[PG013] Silken tofu - firm 280gr Giá 13.000₫
Homemade brown rice cracker with goji and mixed seeds (V, GF) [PG202]

Tiết kiệm

Homemade brown rice cracker with goji and mixed seeds (V, GF) [PG202] Giá giảm 45.000₫
Vegan Cookie Set en House of Chay

Tiết kiệm

Vegan Cookie Set Giá giảm 58.000₫ 168.000₫ +
[PD059]Japan Teriyaki Marinade & BBQ soy sauce (V) Giá 76.000₫
Chickpea 500gr Giá 65.000₫
Moringa whole-grain gluten free penne (V, GF) Giá 45.000₫
Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti Family Tree Giá 63.000₫
Turmeric thin noodle (V,GF) Giá 35.000₫
Kagome Juice Fruity Salad (720ml) Giá 98.000₫
Organic Chia Seed Markal 250g [PD074] Giá 145.000₫
[PG140] Vegan Fish Sauce 300ml Giá 26.000₫
[BK007] Organic Wholemeal Bread - 600g (V) Giá 162.000₫
[BK011] Multiseed (V) Giá 65.000₫ 102.000₫ +
[DR01] Thai Milk Tea (V, GF) Giá 45.000₫
Hot Cross Buns (6 packs) Giá 118.000₫
Highland Red Rice - 2kg (V, GF) Giá 120.000₫
Roasted unsalted almond seed Giá 240.000₫
Highland red rice thick noodle (V, GF) Giá 35.000₫
Highland red rice thin noodle (V,GF) Giá 35.000₫
Kagome Juice Original (720ml) Giá 98.000₫
Nguu Bang Seasoning Giá 180.000₫
Organic Chickpea Markal 500g [PD066] Giá 138.000₫
Organic Peeled Pumpkin Seed Markal 250gr [PD070] Giá 268.000₫
Non-GMO Soya bean (250g) Giá 25.000₫
[BK006] Whole Wheat Soya Bread (V) Giá 61.000₫ 97.000₫ +
[BK001] Italian Focaccia (600g) (V) Giá 120.000₫
100% Palm Sugar Giá 65.000₫ 135.000₫ +
Organic Raw Low Fat Cacao Fowder 250g Giá 199.000₫
Organic Flour Markal 1kg Giá 108.000₫
Almond Milk La Mandorle Giá 58.000₫ 175.000₫ +
Shelved Walnut Giá 270.000₫
Whole flax seed 100g Giá 28.000₫
Japanese Rice Bran Oil [PD125] Giá 270.000₫