Gourmet Food

Other products are hand picked by our team, following very strict Chay requirements:

  • Premium ingredients (organic when specified)
  • Vegan: no dairy (milk, butter, cheese, yogurt), no eggs, no honey, and no other ingredients of animal origin
  • No preservative, no artificial coloring 

Delivery time: Please select the most suitable delivery date and time in your order. Some handmade products (i.e. breads and sundry tomato) take longer to make and would be deliver the next day. 

Nguu Bang Seasoning Regular price 180.000₫
100% Palm Sugar Regular price 65.000₫ 135.000₫ +
Organic Cider Vinegar Kivinat 750ml Regular price 145.000₫
Grand Olio Organic Oil 1L Regular price 348.000₫ 390.000₫ +
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio Idea 500ml Regular price 348.000₫
Organic Ketchup Bio Idea 480g Regular price 178.000₫
Agave Syrup Markal 330g Regular price 223.000₫
Organic Sugar Cane Blond Markal 1kg Regular price 159.000₫