Gourmet Food

Our gourmet products are hand picked by our team, following very strict House of Chay standards:

  • Premium ingredients (organic when specified)
  • Vegan: no dairy (milk, butter, cheese, yogurt), no eggs, no honey, and no other ingredients of animal origin
  • No preservative, no artificial coloring, no flavor enhancer

Delivery time: Please select the most suitable delivery date and time in your order. Some handmade products (i.e. breads, sundry tomato, kimchi...) take longer to make and would be deliver the next day. 

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Regular price 20.000 93.000 +
Vegan Cookie Set en House of Chay


Vegan Cookie Set Sale price 58.000 168.000 +
Fresh King Oyster Mushroom Floss 250g Regular price 198.000
Organic Dried Figs Markal 250g Regular price 259.000
Grilled Ginger With Honey Regular price 68.200
DJ&A Natural Protein Edamame 53g Regular price 66.000
DJ&A Natural Protein Green Peas 75g Regular price 45.200
DJ&A Organic White Mulberries 80g Regular price 83.000
DJ&A Crispy Broccoli Florets 33g Regular price 66.000
DJ&A Crispy Whole Strawberries 25g Regular price 76.200
DJ&A Shiitake Mushroom Crisp 65g Regular price 99.000
Appetizer Mix Markal 250g Regular price 278.000
Blend Fruit & Energy Markal 250g Regular price 189.000