Gourmet Food

Our gourmet products are hand picked by our team, following very strict House of Chay standards:

  • Premium ingredients (organic when specified)
  • Vegan: no dairy (milk, butter, cheese, yogurt), no eggs, no honey, and no other ingredients of animal origin
  • No preservative, no artificial coloring, no flavor enhancer

Delivery time: Please select the most suitable delivery date and time in your order. Some handmade products (i.e. breads, sundry tomato, kimchi...) take longer to make and would be deliver the next day. 

Quang Thick Brown Rice Noodle Regular price 40.000
Frozen Quinoa Gyoza (20 pcs) Regular price 228.000
Frozen Wonton (20 pcs) Regular price 160.000
Young (Sprouted) Rice - 5kg Regular price 275.000
White Spirals Markal 500g en Markal


White Spirals Markal 500g Regular price 68.000
White Feathers Pennes Markal 500g Regular price 68.000
Organic Spiral Pasta Markal 500g (V, GF) Regular price 68.000
Pennes Markal 500g (V, GF) Regular price 68.000
Highland Red Rice - 2kg (V, GF) Regular price 120.000
Spaghetti No 5 Regular price 35.000
Moringa Whole-grain Gluten Free Twist Penne (V, GF) Regular price 45.000
Turmeric Thin Noodle (V,GF) Regular price 35.000
Highland Red Rice Thick Noodle (V, GF) Regular price 40.000
Highland Red Rice Thin Noodle (V,GF) Regular price 40.000
Organic Protein Rich Gluten-Free Plant Pasta Regular price 245.000
Shirataki Noodle (200g) Regular price 42.000