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EXCHANGE PLASTIC TOOTHBRUSH FOR BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH WITH MORE THAN 1000 PARTICIPANTS WITHIN 5 DAYS! Only within 2 weeks, 3 events with theme “Exchange plastic toothbrush for bamboo toothbrush” have attracted 1080 participants and hundreds of bamboo toothbrush have been given away. What is worth mentioning that this is just a small activity, within insignificant scale, no advertising, no tickets, no any side activities attached.   

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Weekly Newsletter - Why Go Vegan?

ZERO WASTE WITH BAMBOO STRAWS HOUSE OF CHAY Do you know how much plastic rubbish we create everyday? 18000 ton. Every day. Into our environment.  Almost of plastic rubbish is from disposables such as plastic bags, toothbrushes, and straws. They are so simple and tiny things but can cause a huge negative impact on our environment. Let’s protect our beloved environment with Zero Waste Lifestyle with House Of Chay. One of our products in this collection is bamboo straw, can be used many times. They are 100% natural and safe, for both yourself and the environment. Bamboo Straw HOC will be your loyal friends in your Zero Waste lifestyle. Don’t be shy to enjoy a nice bamboo straw – Small Action, Huge...

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Weekly Newsletter - What Is Zero Waste?

Stylish, multi-purposes with to-go bamboo mug Clop…Clop…(clump of shoes) You walk gently into a coffee shop, which attracts others’ attention… What happens? What’s your secret? You put a bright smile on your face and put a to-go bamboo mug with an elegant design on the table. Your secret is revealed. It’s the to-go bamboo mug from House Of Chay. To welcome to the hot trend “Minimalism” and “Zero/No Waste Lifestyle”, House Of Chay has introduced another very eco-friendly product made of bamboo fiber and cornstarch. It also achieves the European Standard. With HOC to-go bamboo mug, you will shine in your way, elegant and attractive. Be quick to visit House Of Chay to make an order of the bamboo mug...

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