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Keep your bright smile with the bamboo brush from HOC
Hello, our beloved customers. HOC has extremely good news!!!

It is the first time that Bamboo Brush of HOC - a Vietnamese eco-friendly product has launched. Together with the Zero Waste lifestyle and saying “NO” to the plastic brush, the new campaign “Quit Plastic Brush Bamboo” was initiated. Bamboo brush of HOC is developed by dentists. It is both eco-friendly and high-quality. On behalf of HOC, bamboo brush will be a good friend to take care of your nice smile.

HOC Bamboo Brush with carefully developed design will help you protect your teeth perfectly as well as the 1st step to a healthy and green lifestyle.

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Our beloved customer, you know what? Come here and let us tell you a secret.
Fresh avocado is in the season at the present.
Every year there is only one avocado season which falls from March to July.
You know?

Looking at the green delicious smooth avocados, we walk on the nine clouds. Because we know that we are going to have mouth-watering avocados for you now. This kind of avocados which is only grown in Bao Loc has a special taste of avocados from Highland Lam Dong. Not only is it appetizing and nutritious, but it also completely safe. This Lam Dong avocado specialty has received awards by the Vietnam Agriculture Association. Summer is coming and what is better than a glass of avocado smoothies. Give it a try!

According to health research, avocado is one of the best sources of healthy fat and nutrition. Especially, a large amount of carotenoid, minerals, phenolic, vitamin and beneficial fatty acids which contribute a big role in decreasing the cholesterol level in your blood, preventing the threats of obesity and heart issues.

Lam Dong avocadoes offer both good taste and nutritious values for your health.

They can easily be made into delicious dishes as well as great smoothies.

4 points  proving that an avocado is a valuable source of nutrition

Contain more potassium than a banana does – Based on scientific research, potassium plays a necessary role in lowering your blood pressure. And in about 100 gram of avocado, there is 14% DV potassium supplementing your health while with the same amount of the banana, you only can have10% DV.

A source of healthy fat – Similar to olive oil, 77% calories of avocado are monounsaturated fatty acids (the good fat). In particular, it has a rich amount of oleic acids that have a good impact on preventing inflammation.

High in fiber – Fiber boosts effectively your metabolism and decreases your cholesterol level. From this, you can avoid the risks of obesity. An avocado with 100g fiber can offer you 27 % fiber according to the health daily recommendation.

Lower cholesterol và triglyceride in blood - 8 experiments for testing the effect of consuming avocado on people proves that the level of cholesterol decreases considerably 20% of triglyceride in blood, 22% of LDL “bad cholesterol ” as well as rise 11% HDL “good cholesterol”.
Are you interested in more nutrition facts? Keep reading our upcoming posts. Have a healthy day!


And don't forget, HOC is always ready for providing you with delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals, fresh vegetables from Da Lat and family care products to help you take care of and build your warm nest.

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