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Do you know how much plastic rubbish we create everyday? 18000 ton. Every day. Into our environment.  Almost of plastic rubbish is from disposables such as plastic bags, toothbrushes, and straws. They are so simple and tiny things but can cause a huge negative impact on our environment.

Let’s protect our beloved environment with Zero Waste Lifestyle with House Of Chay. One of our products in this collection is bamboo straw, can be used many times. They are 100% natural and safe, for both yourself and the environment. Bamboo Straw HOC will be your loyal friends in your Zero Waste lifestyle.

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Why go vegan???

You know, according to some statistics from the top Medical and Nutritional Organizations in the world, the number of vegetarians is increasing considerably.

Veganism isn’t a simple definition that mentions the eating habit without meat and focusing on vegetables and fruits. It gradually becomes a new healthy lifestyle for which many people in the world support. Veganism gets started to be more and more popular. Then what are the reasons you should go vegan?

Vegan dishes are not only delicious but also nutritional for your health. They can bring a huge value to your fitness and your family’s. An appropriate vegetarian diet will create simple and meaningful happiness for you. Discovering vegan cuisines is a typical hobby of vegan people. Vegan cuisine is a world of rich and unique food culture.

Vegan diets can help you have an attractive body shape and radiant skin thanks to a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Veganism is a good way to show your sincere love for animals. Veganism is also a lifestyle that you don’t use animal-original products such as fur coats and crocodile handbags. Even you don’t utilize products having experimented on animals.

In order to know more about the reasons why you should go vegan, find your answers in this post.

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Don't forget, HOC is always ready for providing you with delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals, fresh vegetables from Da Lat and family care products to help you take care of and build your warm nest.

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