Weekly Newsletter - What Is Zero Waste?

Stylish, multi-purposes with to-go bamboo mug

Clop…Clop…(clump of shoes)
You walk gently into a coffee shop, which attracts others’ attention…
What happens? What’s your secret?
You put a bright smile on your face and put a to-go bamboo mug with an elegant design on the table.

Your secret is revealed. It’s the to-go bamboo mug from House Of Chay. To welcome to the hot trend “Minimalism” and “Zero/No Waste Lifestyle”, House Of Chay has introduced another very eco-friendly product made of bamboo fiber and cornstarch. It also achieves the European Standard. With HOC to-go bamboo mug, you will shine in your way, elegant and attractive.

Be quick to visit House Of Chay to make an order of the bamboo mug with stylish design, our beloved customers!

A to-go bamboo mug from HOC – the secret for minimalist ladies

Be stylish with House Of Chay


A Cool Lifestyle???

My friends cheered when I appeared at the doorway. Perhaps they were so surprised.
Why? You can guess.
Because I bring my colorful Enamel Tiffin Lunch Box on my right hand to contain my lunch.
And on my left hand, there is a stylish to-go bamboo mug.

These products are unique! How different are they?

Have a drink with our to-go bamboo mug, say “NO” with take-away plastic cups

Enamel Tiffin Lunch Box make your style

They are completely eco-friendly and help to reduce an amount of rubbish to minimum. They are also symbols of a popular trend these days that many people are following. Even there are a lot of people consider it as a cool lifestyle. It is Zero/No Waste Lifestyle.

Bamboo toothbrushes are environment-friendly and high quality.

Source: Zerowwastenerd

This lifestyle has an very positive impact on our environment. As you know, pollution is a worldwide issue. It affects worse and worse on us. It can be said that contribution to protect our ecology is not a single task. With this idea, Zero/No Waste lifestyle has become more popular in the world.

Do you want to know about this lifestyle? Read this post here.

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