Terrible Impacts Of Plastic Rubbish

You know, there are more than 46000 pieces of plastic trash floating on each square mile of our ocean. Every day, Vietnamese creates over 2500 ton of plastic bottle in the environment. It spends about 450 years disposing of plastic rubbish totally.

The more we consume products, the more rubbish we make every hour. Rubbish has a greatly bad impact on our green environment.

Negative impacts on health

These days, you take a lot of toxic into your body by using plastic products. As we know, plastic products are very cheap, durable and convenient. However, the negative effect on the environment might be more serious than you thought.

Plastics easily melt between the temperature 70 and 800-Celsius degree. Next, it can mix with your food and go into your body. These poisons accumulate gradually to cause you to many serious diseases. Especially, in plastics, there is a toxic component which is DOP. It can affect badly on the sexuality of boys and cause girls to infertility.

Worse factors for pollution

Besides, plastics rubbish have a bad influence on the environment. After you throw plastics away, it takes us a very long time to disposal the plastics. The plastic products then break down into tiny molecules which can soak into the ground and underground waterways.

The plastic spends approximately 450 years to be disposed of. In the words, it experiences many generations to disappear completely. Moreover, plastics can mix with the ocean, it makes marine creatures unbreathable. Many creatures swallow plastics, then people can absorb food poisons because they eat the toxic ones.

It is very hard to handle the plastics. You can throw it away or burn it. Burning plastics will release a huge amount of polluted air, which can lead to the greenhouse effect.

Perhaps you don’t think that the daily small action you perform such as using plastic straws and toothbrush can have a worse influence on our nature. Let’s imagine. You change your toothbrushes every 3 months (according to dentists’ recommendation). Vietnam has more than 10 million residents. So, how many plastics toothbrush rubbish are there every day, not to mention in the world? Similarly, the number of used plastic straws is an unbelievable figure. And millions of other plastics are threatening to our ecology every second.

Take your action before too late. Please do something for your beloved environment. You can get started with replacing plastic straws and toothbrushes with bamboo straws and toothbrushes of HOC. HOC guarantees 100% natural quality. Come with HOC to save our green planet.