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Do you know???

Why do you look so sad, HOC?
You know, in 8,3 billion tons of plastics, there are 6,3 billion tons of plastic rubbish.
The plastic rubbish has a very negative impact.
According to some scientific statistics, until 2050, the number of plastic trash will be more than that of fish in the ocean.

In daily life, we produce a huge figure of plastic garbage. Small items in our life, which seems to be harmless such as plastic straws and toothbrush, can have a terrible influence on our well-being and ecology. You can imagine that every 3 months you will have a new toothbrush (based on recommendations of reliable dentists in the world). Vietnam has almost 100 million residents. Then how much old plastic toothbrush is thrown into the environment every day?

Image source: Daily Coconut

You know, it takes us over 450 years to dispose of all plastic trash completely. Besides, when disposing of, it just breaks down into tiny molecules. These molecules can go through the ground and absorb into the underground waterways. This causes severe issues for your health.

20000 plastic water bottles are delivered to customers every second. Only in 2006, almost 500 billion plastic bottles are sold.

Plastic rubbish can lead to serious health problems and pollution

  • Bad impact on sexuality and reproduction: According to some research, the poisons from plastic products can change the hormone and sexuality of boys. Besides, make girls become infertile.
  • Increase the level of the greenhouse effect: It is very hard to deal with plastic trash. It spends much time being disposed of Especially, if you burn plastics, it will release toxic air. This affects your respiratory system and air contamination.

The plastic rubbish is threatening to destroy our lives every second. To find out more information about its bad impacts, you can read here.

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