What Is Zero Waste Lifestyle?

Nowadays, our society is developing very fast, a controversial global issue has appeared – environmental pollution. Many people concerned about how to protect our beautiful nature and beloved ecology. From this, a new lifestyle has become more and more popular in the Vietnamese community. It is Zero Waste. What is Zero Waste? Come with House of Chay to figure out its meaning.

Definition of “Zero Waste”

In fact, there are a number of definitions for “Zero Waste”. In general, Zero Waste is a lifestyle which intends to decrease the amount of rubbish to zero. In other words, you will live a life without creating unnecessary wastes, especially, non-biodegradable and non-recycling wastes  such as plastics.

In the age of modern living, we are creating a huge quantity of trash. The more products people consume, the more rubbish we create. Every minute, there is one full truck of plastic waste dumped into our ocean. If we keep living this way, how long more can our environment take it? Besides, the recycling and waste disposal becomes a heavy burden to many nations and cities.

Zero Waste brings a new idea that creates a solution for environment and nature protection. To participate, you can start with the usual daily activities. Everyone only needs to be conscious of our environmental issues and want to contribute to keeping the environment clean. All big things have small beginnings. With small positive beginnings, we can create a difference.

Tips for Zero Waste beginners:

  • Refuse plastic or nylon bags

When you go to the supermarket or market, instead of receiving plastic bags, as usual, invest for yourself a paper or cloth bag to contain your food.  These bags have the high quality. Thus, you only need to buy once and use it for a long time to decrease a considerable number of plastic bags.

  • Don’t buy a plastic bottle of water

You should replace all plastic bottle of water with metal or glass bottles to contain water. They are both nice, convenient and beneficial to environment protection.

  • Limit plastic stuff, especially disposable plastic

Plastic trash is very dangerous to our ecology, so you should constrain plastic items as much as possible. You can get started with replacing your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo toothbrush, plastic straws to bamboo or glass straws, plastic jars of spices with glass jars of spices. Support local food delivery businesses who use biodegradable or reusable containers instead of plastic or Styrofoam boxes. Say no to disposable cutlery and buy yourself a cute set. Replace disposable coffee cup with stylish bamboo fiber reusable cup.

Zero Waste has a great impact on our environment. It is a smart and modern lifestyle. If your concern about green lifestyle and environmental issues like HOC, join us  to start small actions to build a community for those living Zero Waste. Chay is not just eating clean, Chay is living clean.

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